The PIC Development kit is also available as a ‘PIC Building Block’ version; the display connectors are straight instead of rightangle and a set of nuts, bolts and spacers are included for back to back mounting of the display and main PCB assembly.

Open source example programs in C and Assembler

Includes backlit LCD display

Compatible with Pickit2 and Pickit3 programmers




From £18.99


PIC demo kit with 16F1827-I/P microcontroller

 Program with the PicKit2, or Program and Debug with the PicKit3 & MPLAB

 2 line x 16 character backlit LCD

I²C temperature sensor
RS232 interface
Variable voltage source for analogue input stimulation
5V regulator for use with PicKit3 or stand alone operation
Expansion bus

 PCB  mounts on the back of the display with straight display connectors and nut/bolt/spacer kit included.

 We include an open source example program in HI-TECH C and XC8 C (downloadable) which displays the temperature, an 8 bit ADC value, a running loop count and outputs the temperature to the serial port. This includes C functions for I²C, LCD, serial port TX and ADC input.

 Other examples include MPASM serial port TX/RX and fuse configuration. 

 Use this kit to experiment with 18 pin PIC microcontrollers (PIC16F1827 included), learn C or assembly language programming, develop and test your own ideas.



If you are a beginner you will need to download MPLABX and the FREE XC8 C compiler from the Microchip Website and also purchase a PicKit2 or PicKit3 programmer (other programmers can be used but the programming connector is pinned for the PicKit). You will also need to follow the instructions, guides and examples available from Microchip and other online sources.

 Note that the PicKit2 programmer can power this demo board and program the PIC16F1827 in-circuit using the software supplied with the PicKit2, the PicKit3 uses MPLAB to program and debug the PIC16F1827 but does not provide power to the demo board, you need to supply 8 to 15V DC at 10mA with no back light enabled, or 12 to 15V DC at 100mA with the backlight enabled.


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