Our CTCSS encoder kit can encode 47 tones

Easy to change tone

Encode enable input

RadCom article UK tone set compatible 

FROM £14


Our CTCSS encoder kit can encode up to 47 CTCSS tones with sine wave output. The tone is selected by the combination of 5 jumpers in 6 positions.

It’s powered by 7 to 16V DC and draws only a few mA.

There is an encode enable input that connects to the radio’s PTT line (active low). The tone select inputs are constantly read so you could change tone with a switch. You can also tie the encode enable input to ground for continuous encode if you choose.

The CTCSS encoder kit gives a sine wave output as shown in this screen capture at 114.8Hz.

The full tone set is in the datasheet.

What’s in the box?    A compact Gold Plated PCB, components and programmed PIC.



Download CTCSS Encoder 47 Kit PDF
Laden Sie CTCSS Encoder 47 Bausatz PDF

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