Crystal controlled CTCSS Tone generator to enable Repeater access

Our CTCSS encoder kit can encode 47 tones

Easy to change tone

Encode enable input

RadCom article UK tone set compatible 


Our CTCSS encoder kit can encode up to 47 CTCSS tones with a sine wave output. The tone is selected by the combination of 5 jumpers in 6 positions.

It’s powered by 7 to 16V DC and draws only a few mA.

There is an encode enable input that connects to the radio’s PTT line (active low). The tone select inputs are constantly read so you could change tone with a switch. You can also tie the encode enable input to ground for continuous encode if you choose.

The CTCSS encoder kit gives a sine wave output as shown in this screen capture at 114.8Hz.

The full tone set is in the datasheet.

What’s in the box?    A compact Gold Plated PCB, components and programmed PIC Microcontroller.



Download CTCSS Encoder 47 Kit PDF
Laden Sie CTCSS Encoder 47 Bausatz PDF

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