Our CTCSS Decoder kit can decode 25 CTCSS tones to a 5 bit binary output

Tone Valid output

Response time <250mS

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This kit measures each cycle of the CTCSS tone to provide a very fast response time taking < 250mS of valid CTCSS tone to decode.

The 25 CTCSS tones are decoded to a 5 bit binary output (see kit pdf for details)

There is also a logic output for indicating the presence of a valid tone.

You can use the kit to control external circuitry dependant on the tone received – a 25 channel controller.

See the PDF for instruction details and component list.

Whats in the Box

A compact Gold Plated PCB, components and programmed PIC.


Download CTCSS Decoder Kit PDF

Laden Sie CTCSS Decoder Bausatz PDF