Infra Red Decoder kit

Control your project using an Infra red Remote Control unit

Our Infra red Decoder kit can decode signals from most
Universal Remote Controls set to the Philips RC5 protocol.

8 open collector outputs can be set as 8 latching outputs
or 4 latching and 4 momentary outputs.

User programmable 4 digit security code to prevent
unauthorised operation – can be turned off if not required.

You can purchase the Infra Red Decoder as a kit or assembled and tested.


From £18.99



Our Infra Red Decoder kit has 8 NPN open collector Darlington outputs that you can switch remotely with or without a 4 digit security code.

It can be operated by most Universal Remote Control units set to the Philips RC5 protocol.
We can supply a Remote Control Unit ready programmed for £4.99.


It’s easy to turn an output on/off by sending the decoder its ID followed by the output number . For example 12341 turns on output 1 and sending 12341 again turns it off.
If required you can turn off the Security Code. Then send 1 to turn on output 1. Send 1 again and output one turns off.

You can also set the unit for 4 latching outputs as above and 4 momentary outputs (on for 0.5 seconds)

Whats in the Box

A compact Gold Plated PCB, components and programmed PIC. See the PDF (below)for instruction details and component list.




        Infra red Decoder PDF

We also have a ready programmed Remote Control Unit see below

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